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Topic Name : Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.

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null - (2014-05-22 11:22:28.0)

Hi friends, in my opinion prevalent patriarchy system of our society, mean mindedness of boys parents, silent consent of boys regarding accepting dowry, paralysed law and order system to check any kind of discrimination or misbehaviour specially related to dowry and dowry deaths, some affluent families of girls who promote this evil by providing abundance amount of money and gifts and some extent to peoples orthodoxy nature of not accepting the changes are the factors which are responsible for this prevalent system in our society. Present situation is so bad that even an IAS officer who might write and speak against this system in his written or interview exam also like to get money in his marriage for sake of his name and fame.

So in my opinion present scenario can be changed only when youth especially boys will learn true meaning of being civilized, and give equal importance to girls, when girls will learn their own values, and above all when government will start to take initiative and implement effective laws in this regard considering women issues important.


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null - (2014-05-22 11:53:41.0)

Nowadays everybody wants to be against of dowry system but only in front of society only, they just want to show themselves that they are also a good citizen of India but actually they just say it and don't mean it, when they get married that time only their parents are decision maker not the groom, and in reality the groom also want money from bride side so that he can get something without any effort.

Nowadays parents are selling their son, because they demand for their son, I know many families who claimed that they spent a lot money on their son and helped him to get a position so that he can earn and now they want to sell a quality product in front of bride's parent.

There was family, I know them personally, father of son said to bride's father that "I spent minimum 50 lakhs rupees on my son to make him a doctor and now he's doctor and on family is giving us 80 lakhs and one car and 1 kg gold, so if you can give us more that them then we can talk ahead", so that's the real scenario and nowadays this is happening in many families so I want to ask you people that firstly 1. Is a father is selling his son 2. Did bride's family not spend money on their daughter's education and many other things? 3. If they are selling their son then son should stay at bride's house and live like a servant because their parents sold him out and I want to ask that Is it crime to being a girl in society so that we are accepting her with money, precious things and many other things.

Can't we accept a girl with her only a good heart without any dowry ?

Please don't sell your son and say no to dowry and accept girl with love, not with worthless money.

I am saying a Big No to dowry, I won't take even my mom dad are against of it, so listen to your heart not your mean mind all time.


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null - (2014-05-22 12:06:37.0)

First here we need to understand what is dowry system, dowry was a belief in ancient time, that time women means to look after her family and her husband, woman didnt use to work so didn?t use to earn money, So women were dependent on their husband, dowry was given to women so if anything misfortunate befell to her husband and she left alone with her children then she can take care of her and her children with that money which was given in dowry, it was given for the security of women, sorry to say but people who are ignorant about the dowry system are making useless comments about dowry and the generous thought of our ancestors.

Today the meaning of dowry has completely changed because we have forgot our great culture and history today dowry means to extract money out of women's parents.

As far as sati system is concerned ,no where in Hindu scriptures it is mentioned that a woman has to set herself blaze after death of her husband,After the death of Pandu raja ,Kunti didnt become sati, after the death of Dastrath raja ,His not a single wife became sati.


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null - (2014-05-22 12:16:27.0)

Small town people are demanding it, even richer family are involved in such things. The most ridiculous and shameful thing is killing the bride in case not getting demanded amount. I recently attended a wedding of my relative in which I came to know that groom's father returned all the things given by bride side and demanded cash instead of it.

This dowry is that problem which make me feel that India is still a under developed country in terms of thinking and respect to women.


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null - (2014-05-22 12:33:26.0)

In my view, present burning problems for women are 99% decreased but other problem is DOWRY, It is also problem for girl?s parents (for normal people, not rich) although they didn't express their feeling in front of the children.

From childhood on wards they earn money and spend it for studies as equally spending for boys, at the time of marriage also they provide all the things for marriage even though girls parents need to give dowry. Why?

To decrease this dowry system, it is mainly depends on us (boys and girls also). Because at the time of marriage, Sometimes Groom demands for dowry and sometimes grooms mother demands for dowry.

It?s better to marry a good girl/boy instead of dowry giving girl. Then both the families can leave happily.


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null - (2014-05-22 12:50:11.0)

Good afternoon everyone.

I am totally against the social evil - dowry system.
In India girls are seen as a symbol of glory and wealth.
Still when a girl child is born parents are sad. Why?
Dowry, from that day onwards their time starts to start their savings. They live their whole life saving each penny for their kid, for giving dowry so that their daughter won't be ill treated in her husband's home.

In olden days after marrying a girl her husband was supposed to look after her. He was the only one to earn.

But today women are educated. They work and earn money. They can live without financially depending on their husband. Still they are supposed to take dowry with them. Think about parents who have only girl children! They give their life time's earning to their child! And you know today's system right. After marriage a girl is not allowed to give money to their parents. She has to stay in her husband's house and look after his parents. Then who will look after her parents who couldn't save anything for them in their life because of her? Don't you think this is totally unfair!

Guys please please don't take money as dowry when you marry.


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