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Topic Name : Censorship in Movies & Our Culture

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null - (2014-05-22 11:24:31.0)

Censor board plays a pivotal role in the outcome of a cinema in a good way.In olden days there rarely used to be vulgar scenes in a cinema. But things have drastically changed now. More time has been allocated for the scenes which effect human sentiments and which effect our culture. More number of vulgar scenes have been put up by the directors so as to collect high revenues for the movie.

I think this is high time for taking strict steps in the censorship board to save our future generation going in a wrong way


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null - (2014-05-22 11:54:54.0)


Gone the times when parents and elders were ready to watch the movie with their children! With the more western perspective, it is becoming seamlessly difficult for our culture to accept Hindi movies.
? Keeping aside the action and drama, the vulgarity depicted knows no bounds.
? India has always been known for its culture. However it?s rare to find movies based on any culture.
? Thanks to the media and the hype created of the celebrities personal lives, youngsters get influenced in the wrong way.
? The movies that depict extreme violence, murder cause mental harm to children.
? Teenagers become easy fashion victim of the skimpy dresses worn.
? Most of the movies show extreme drama which may hurt sentiments of people.
? The comedy movies, most of the times over do the humor by making a mockery of reality.

Even though a majority of the movies are extremely entertaining, focus should be on culture, religion etc without hurting the sentiments of any community.


Hindi movies can possibly be the best medium of entertainment. If made well, they can be easily used to educate the society on several issues.
? India being one of the largest movie producing country and due its wide acceptance, Hindi movies can be easily used to portray India?s art and culture.
? Most of the country?s population watches Hindi movies; hence it generates revenues rather than harming the society.
? They can be an excellent source of refreshment for stress.
? Even though the actors wear skimpy clothes, however, not in reality. The movies should not always be taken seriously. It is not necessary that each Hindi movie needs to pass some message to society.
? Violence has existed for years now. Hence blaming the Hindi movies for depicting and encouraging violence is not fair.
? As a matter of fact, the movies depict that good always wins over evil.


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null - (2014-05-22 12:07:33.0)

Well. Censorship is doing its job well what it is supposed to. But regarding our culture it depends upon our moral values how we take it and are not affected by the content shown in abc movies. Though we can't blame censorship in any aspect because what the children are not supposed to see they can go through it by the common sources of technology i.e. internet, Smartphone in a very easy way. So its up to our mentality how we are taking it.


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null - (2014-05-22 12:17:21.0)

I don't want that our sensor board should restrict to only cutting vulgar scenes, but it should be something more beyond that.

Because we, all most all, like to watch movies. It is true that it really affects on our thoughts and behaviour.

Our culture has given ethics and basics to be followed to become a good person and if a movie is providing something against those ethics then that should get banned. Because it's something by which you can pass on the message or affect large amounts of lives.


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