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Topic Name : Classical Music Heritage and the Growing Pop Culture

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null - (2014-06-02 20:31:22.0)

I think pop singing is not far different than classical music. We can say that it is on child of classical music. Also it is not that that pop music culture is growing


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null - (2014-06-02 20:41:54.0)

Music is a medium of expressing one's own feeling. Introduction of pop music in India is not bad. But the way youth have started hating our own classical music, pop music seems disaster. It?s not bad to respect the culture of other's. But at the same time it is not proper to hate our own civilization.

Foreigners love our classical music and that's what we are famous for. But we only start hating it, and then what will be its effect on the foreigners? Today?s youth are crazy over pop music, but they don't respect our own cultural music. And that's really a big compliment to Indian culture.


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null - (2014-06-05 15:36:47.0)

Like we adopted the accents, the western culture in dressing, festivals, traditions and many other aspects, music has also been adopted by Indians to a considerable level. Music is music. It has no particular religion, caste or culture. May be it carnatic, Hindustani or western, music is unique in its own way. But when it comes to safeguarding our heritage, our classical music, we need to think of it.

We, young people, are full of energy and enthusiasm and at most of the times we like to hear to western pop music because it taps with our toes and fills our heart with more excitement. And with this increasing demand, even Indian music has been revolutionized and pop has been mixed with it. Every song has been remixed with pop. Old songs too have been remixed. In that case the originality of the ?Sur, Taal? vanishes in the air and only the pop remains. Why so?? What?s the reason for this?? It?s nothing but our attitude.


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