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Topic Name : Individual Freedom and Civil Society

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null - (2014-06-02 20:04:23.0)

I think the India is a mixer kind of society where the variety of people live and built the society. A society is necessary for human life because g man without society will be like a beast. If he has some sorrow or happiness its the society where we go first. Any kind of physical, financial problem to which most of the people faces regularly can b easily short out by the society people.

Now the society is modern and they are not interfering anyone?s personal matter. Just like a tiff between husband and wife. At last society is important because if your neighbour got set fire then if you are saying that it?s none of my business then that fire may come to your door also.


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null - (2014-06-05 18:13:23.0)

it?s a great thing that our constitution has provided us the right to freedom and speech along with others. It's our right to enjoy these rights. But what about the duties assigned to us? Who will care for them? It is we, who are enjoying rights .It is a serious offence, if our actions hurt others. So let's take our fruit (rights) without damaging


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