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Topic Name : Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating

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null - (2014-06-02 20:12:18.0)

India, never been there to know its culture, its traditions and its moral values. But, i believe every culture should embrass only the good aspect of another culture and disregard the negative aspect from that other society.

India has far too much corruption for decades i think to think before it acts!
India?s open embrace to civilian nuclear technologies will come at a price that i think the average Indian citizen would not want.

First of all, the first to arrive will be the style of businesses like Wal-Mart whom (will in the beginning appear to project financial savings by shopping at its store, or its partnership store in case a incoming business may need to be connected to a domestic business) shall enter the Indian market and become counterproductive to the countless small businesses operated by citizens of your country.

I believe i read correctly that Indian businesses by large percentages are small businesses catered to selling needs to people locally. When Walmart arrives, you will see massive small businesses close their companies and where shall the money trickle down for the average Indian citizen?

Some western cultures still respect their elders and usually are cases of individual people's action and not actually the culture itself.

After the end of the day, Indians will always possess its culture no matter what you view on tv, see in person or view in films which marginalize society far too often. Because at the end of day, it will be your society that polices itself towards acceptance of morality. When the masses within a society feel that something is not good, the people themselves return to their roots.


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null - (2014-06-02 20:46:28.0)

Yes it is a fact that our morals are degenerating at all because we are attracting towards the western society. Our elders made these morals to save our future but we should follow only those morals which can make our future bright don't bound us. And if we talk about the western culture we should follow the good things from that as their communication skills, and practical knowledge because India is a developing country. Nothing is stationary in this world except change. " And same is the case with the society. It is advancing, growing, reaching out towards western culture, but it does not tell that we have lost the respect and regard towards our elders.

Even if we cut the branches of a tree, if its roots are well nourished it sustains. Similarly, no matter how western culture influences us, it's the upbringing that matters.

Change is the need of the hour, and change is for the good. Does the western culture tell you to disrespect your elders? ? Or does it tell you to fade away from your mind what you learnt in your childhood days. ? Obviously not. !

If going to pubs and clubs is what you call fading off of values, or late night parties brings to your mind the western culture. Then dear friends, don't forget that western countries are the developed countries and we are still a developing one. Work towards achieving that goal.

Our country has taken a bend towards westernize doesn't mean it has lost its roots from where it came. At the back of our minds, still the moral values inculcated into us by our parents, teachers and elders stay alive. It is up to us how far we can project these values.


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null - (2014-06-05 15:43:45.0)

What we refer to as "moral values" are the concepts introduced by religion that makes life beautiful and rewarding. Whenever these values are distorted, we face a really disturbing picture in society.

First of all, in an environment where no rules and limits are observed, "lawlessness" prevails. In this system, everyone lays down his own rules and principles, based on highly variable criteria. In the ignorant society the basic principle that is applied is not to go to extremes in social conduct and hence not to incur any reaction from the society. It is wholly acceptable to do anything wrong, as long as it is not publicly disclosed. Ignorant people deliver speeches about virtuous conduct and morals, or severely condemn those who hold a contrary view. However, they themselves violate these values when they are convinced that nobody sees them.

This is actually the main basis upon which their philosophy rests. They never think that God surrounds them all at every moment; they never conceive that He sees every deed they commit and hears every word they utter. They perceive degeneration as a "modern" way of living.

They fear being humiliated if they do not project the image of a "modern person." This image essentially calls for the flouting of such moral values as honesty. Someone, for instance, who returns the money he found on the street to its owner, is ridiculed. In such a situation, acceptable behavior according to ignorant people would be not to give the money back. This example reflects only one aspect of the ignorant society's understanding about moral values however. Concepts like honesty and chastity also lose their importance. Forgery and lying are accepted as normal. A person may commit burglary since he finds nothing wrong with it. Likewise, anyone can tell a lie whenever he wishes.
In this system other people have no right to object because they also have the right to behave "freely"(!) in accordance with their own moral values.

The Qur'an makes it clear that people who adhere to the moral values of the age of the ignorant suffer for doing so:

Indeed, God will not deal unjustly with man in any way. It is man who wrongs his own soul.
In a society where people adhere to religious values, they conduct themselves responsibly towards each other since they go in fear of God.
They never deign to be dishonest or insincere, and certainly never push things to such extremes as to make life difficult for others. Moral values become the basis of all acts and conduct.


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null - (2014-06-05 16:16:45.0)

Yes friends, moral values among Indian is degenerating. Sathya, dharma, santhi, prema, ahimsa are the values every human being has to be followed. A man who strictly follows any of the above remaining all will follow it automatically.

In this competitive world there is no time to teach values to students, there is a IIT foundation course from L. K. G. Standard itself. Everything is getting commercialised.
Moral values followed by spiritual disciplines. Degeneration of moral values can be possible only by any spiritual leader like bhagawan sri sathya sai baba garu. In this organisation values are part of education. Every student believes that" End of Education is character" yes values are degenerating.


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null - (2014-06-05 18:36:39.0)

What morals and values are we talking about here? Is that just about being good, or kind, or brave, or responsible or just respecting others? I totally disagree that our morals and values are diminishing. They are certainly changing with the influence of our daily life, which is certainly good in all means. When that was the country needed us and we backed off? Never. When is that , that an injured lies on the road and is left unattended by us? Seldom. When in India is a festival and we forgotten to wish our parents and relatives? Never. If Anna needs us We fight, conduct rallies, cast votes! Almost All of us raise our voice, Protest on injustice...

Just that some of us have westernized, wearing western attires, drinking and smoking doesn't mean we have forgotten our morals and values....
No, not at all. We are changing, as that's the only constant in the world and upbringing ourselves keeping ourselves grounded at the same time.


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