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Q: A grocer, a doctor, a lawyer, a tailor and a barber are the five persons who are seated in a row. The grocer does not wish to sit immediately next to the barber. The barber and the tailor sit immediately next to each other. The lawyer is at the right extreme end of the row. The grocer is immediately to the left of the lawyer. Who must be exactly in the middle seat of the row?
A. tailor B. grocer
C. barber D. doctor

Answer and Explanation


Let us analyse all the conditions. The lawyer is at the extreme right end of the row.
, , , , lawyer.
1 2 3 4 5
Grocer is to the immediate left of the lawyer
, , , grocer, lawyer.
1 2 3 4 5
The grocer is not next to the barber. So barber cannot be in seat 3.
The barber and the tailor are next to each other.
So the order of seating can be,
barber, tailor, doctor, grocer, lawyer
tailor, barber, doctor, grocer, lawyer
doctor, barber, tailor, grocer, lawyer.
The blank is occupied by the doctor. So the doctor or tailor can be in the middle of the row.    

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